If you’re self-employed and looking for an easy-to-use pension scheme, look no further – Pension the Pennies has you covered. Our app allows you to easily manage your pension contributions and build up your pension pot hassle-free.

If you’re self-employed it can be difficult to know how to go about setting up a pension, or how to manage your pension contributions when your income might fluctuate month-to-month.

In short, you need flexibility – and our app offers just that. Pension the Pennies requires minimum effort to activate and set up. The app works from your phone and you don’t need to know a lot about finances or pensions to use it.

With Pension the Pennies you can:

  • Round up the spare change from debit card spending to contribute to your pension
  • Pause and restart contributions with ease
  • Get cashback from online shopping straight into your pension pot
  • Collate old pensions for free (even if you don’t know where they are)

And there’s no set-up fees or monthly charges!

We know self-employed people are incredibly busy. and may find it harder to build a pension pot when they don’t have an employer contributing to their fund. That’s why our app automatically rounds up any purchases you make to the nearest value of your choice (50p, £1, £5 etc) and adds that to your pension pot so that you can save for your retirement without having to think about it.

This flexibility means that you can control how and when you contribute to your pension savings, no questions asked.

Pension the Pennies’ goal is to make personal finance accessible for everyone. Being self-employed shouldn’t be a barrier to building a pension pot for your future. That’s why our app offers a path to building a simple pension plan.

You are even able to see how much you have contributed towards your pension so far and you are able to see how much you are likely to have saved by a certain age with our very own pension calculator, coming soon.

Pension the Pennies is a perfect, easy to use and manageable way to ensure that you can have a good retirement without having to worry about your current wages or needing to adjust your spending habits. Contribute to a comfortable future without hassle by using Pension the Pennies – pre-register for the app today!